Luoniva Halo earrings, reindeer antler

Did you know in Finland reindeer shed their antlers every year? This is a natural process after the mating season. After the shedding, new antlers will grow back with the exact same size and shape. Every antler is unique.

Here in Finland, we collect reindeer antlers mainly for decorations, but they can be turned into beautiful jewellery too! Luoniva creates handmade, quality earrings from this beautiful, sustainable material found in Finnish forests. Each pair is unique and made specially just for you.

Metal pieces are silver or surgical steel, ordered from Finnish manufacturers


  • Perfect for ordinary days and for parties, lightweight
  • Handmade in Kuusamo, northern Finland
  • Shape and color may vary a bit, each pair is unique
  • Length 3,5 cm, diameter of the ring 2 cm

You can choose the material for metal pieces:

Kirurginteräs = surgigal steel

Hopea = silver

Price: 55,00 €